Not much has happened in the last 4 months, which is why I haven’t bothered to update the site. Final writeup of the Transpac is still coming, I promise. Really, I’ve been messing around with motorcycles, which is almost as much fun as writing on this site.

New toy. Way faster than a boat.

We raced in the Puget Sound Sailing Championships with Matt N., Ken, Brandon, Paul and Erin. We had a couple screwups that put us in embarrassing positions, but we had a good time, some occasional brilliant sailing, the boat performed really well, and we even won the last race, which put us in the middle of the pack overall. The last race showed that when I don’t make stupid decisions and the crew makes clean maneuvers, good results are quite within reach. It also felt really good to finish in front of our nemesis (and the overall winner), Lunch Box. It’s going to take some practice to pull that one off again…

I also found a very nice secondhand #2, barely used, for next to nothing. Took it for a practice sail on the lake with Ben, Peter, Aaron, and Vlad. The wind was pretty blustery, and we ended up blowing out an old half-ounce spinnaker. Oh well, at least it wasn’t the new sail. Common wisdom is #2s aren’t very useful for racing on Puget Sound, but it just might come in handy, and if not it’ll make a fine Duck Dodge sail.

Another new toy.