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Hobart here we come!

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The Sydney-Hobart takes competitors across the Bass Strait.

It’s official, yours truly is on the Frantic crew roster for the 2013 Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, a.k.a. ‘The Hobart’, the crown jewel of the Australian sailing scene. The race starts on Boxing Day (December 26), and involves over 600 miles of tough sailing down the New South Wales coast, across the Bass Strait and around Tasmania to Hobart. The race has been known to be a grueling affair, but Frantic is a solid boat with a good crew, and I think we have a shot at having a very good race. And in a very cool turn of events, my friend Ronnie will be racing to Hobart as well!

It’s amazing how fast summer has gone by. I’ve been working a couple projects with AeroMech again, organized a keelboat regatta on Lake Washington for WYC, and am starting up a new project that I’ll be posting about soon. And I’ll also probably be moving to Southern California in the next couple weeks. Stay tuned!

And in other ocean racing news, my high school buddy Nicolas Boidevézi has started his third Mini Transat on his proto 719 Nature Addicts (formerly Défi GDE) and is currently in second place! This year the little boats are racing to Pointe-à-Pitre in the Caribbean instead of Brazil, and the start was delayed by several weeks due to horrific weather in the Bay of Biscay. Bon vent Nico!

Bravo Nico!

My high school buddy Nicolas Boidevézi just won the Mini Fastnet (usually Douarnenez – Fastnet and return, this year Douarnenez – Cordouan – Douarnenez, about 500 NM) on proto 719 “Défi GDE”.

I was looking at his course on the way back and noticed he seemed to be doing about 10-11 kts in about 15-18 kts TWS, on a close reach. In 10-13 kts TWS the speed was down to 7 or 8. Average speed was 8.55 knots. I’m kind of blown away by how fast this is for a 21-ft boat. The minis are rockets downwind, but pretty limited by their waterline upwind. I didn’t realize they could maintain double-digit speeds on a close reach (at least for the protos).

Downwind they were doing mid-teens the whole way, but that’s old news. GDE is a new-ish proto (all carbon, hard chines, canting keel), but is considered pretty “simple” because it has a fixed mast and no water ballast.

I really need to sail a mini sometime. And I’ll be betting on Nico in the Transat 6.50

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