This has been a pretty typical conversation for me lately:

“I’m sailing to Hawaii alone this summer.”

“What are you going to eat?”

It’s funny that that’s the first thing most people think of. Or maybe I just hang around people who are primarily concerned with food.

I experimented with various flavors of canned chili on my qualifying cruise, but I really need to hammer down quantities, volumes, storage, etc… if I want to be prepared when it’s time to leave Seattle. I’ve tried a couple freeze-dried packaged meals, but most of them are way too salty, and you have to put water in them, which doesn’t save much on weight.

Some of the entrants in the last race were raving about MREs and “Heater Meals”, but the excessive packaging seems like a lot of waste to me, and I’ll have a pretty efficient propane stove on the boat. But I imagine there’ll be times when I don’t want to cook and need to get some hot food in me.

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