Bumpy barrier coat, smooth bottom paint.

Work is progressing on the bottom, at the usual snail’s pace. Five layers of barrier coat left a horrible craters-of-the-moon landscape that had to be sanded down and faired, but with antifouling paint, things are looking pretty slick. I’m busy painting the spots left by the boat stands, then I’ll burnish the whole thing to a nice shine.

The only fly in the ointment is the rudder. With the fair bit of effort spent fairing it, I’m pretty disappointed in the final shape. I was hesitating to bottom paint it, and the minute I laid on the paint, The bumps stood out like sore thumbs. So I’m planning to pull it off after the boat gets back in the water and work on fairing it some more (I forgot to pull it out when the boat was lifted out of the water, and there isn’t enough ground clearance with the boat on stands).

Four passes at fairing the rudder and it still has funky bumps.