New foredeck hatch is in.

The new foredeck hatch is finally in. Much more trouble than I thought it would be, but I finally found a used hatch at a sixth the price of a new one, and got it installed in a couple days. It would’ve been much easier and cheaper if Lewmar didn’t change their hinge and handle designs every couple years! As a result the departure date has slipped a bit – we probably won’t leave Seattle before Monday the 28th, possibly one or two days later.

Still have a couple little things to do on the boat, mostly related to turning it into a cruiser: installing a depth sounder, finishing up the lazy jack/lazy bag/rain collection setup, fixing some blocks that pulled out of the mast, and doing some electrical wiring.

Matt and I also worked on cutting my #2 genoa into a jib top. This will be really useful for reaching conditions. Since I’m not very good at sewing, we just glued it together with a whole big tube of 5200. Those that know 5200 are probably shuddering right now. The sail’s still curing (I should’ve used the fast-cure stuff), but I can’t wait to try it. Hopefully I didn’t accidentally glue it to the floor.

Hammering the sail together.