We’ve spent the day reaching in 25kts, with gusts as high as 30, and 10-12 ft seas on the beam. It’s pretty rough conditions, but those of us who’ve done this on small boats with low freeboard are quite happy to have a dry bunk to go to at the end of our watch (our thoughts are with our friends on Rufless). Pat and I bailed what must’ve been two dozen buckets of water out from under the floorboards throughout the day, but with a tube of sealant, a ziploc bag and massive amounts of various types of tape he seems to have stopped the leaking coming from the retractable sprit. Jim continues to impress the crew with all sorts of excellent food. Yesterday was a home-made lasagna with pork sausage from his own farm (best lasagna I’ve ever had), today was a caesar salad with grilled chicken. I went on a foray through the fridge looking for pickles and came back with the knowledge that more delicacies lie ahead.

Skies were clear throughout the day and the moon has been showing up for most of the night. The winds have been progressively clocking to the North throughout the evening, and we are now reaching at about 125 degrees TWA. This could mark an early beginning of the end for the most unpleasant part of this journey.

Elusive at N35 15; W127 29