After a very hectic morning getting things stowed on the boat and finishing the last couple items of preparation, we made it off the dock at Sausalito and headed for the starting area. With 8 boats in our start, things got a little crowded at the pin and we had to do a last minute 360, but still managed to get a good start. We had about 20 knots of breeze to the gate before it lightened up and we quickly shook out the reef and changed to a bigger headsail as we sailed into the foggy Gulf of the Farallones. As we made our way to the synoptic breeze during the night, winds have continually built up and veered so that we are now sailing in 25 knots from the NNW, under two reefs and a #4. The boat is doing well this morning, making about 8.5 kts and people are trying to get rest in the 15ft swells. Pat bailed out about 5 buckets of water from the cabin; after first thinking it might’ve come down the companionway hatch, it seems to actually be coming from the back end of the retractable bowsprit. Pat is enterprising to fix it with a giant roll of tape. We were greeted by a small pod of dolphins shortly before sunrise.