Our first week in Australia is passing quickly, with still no roo sighting. A bit of progress has been made with importing Idefix into Australia so she can be sold, but it looks like we might have to wait a while to get an autopilot drive fixed so we can sail the 650 miles to Sydney. We celebrated Thanksgiving (complete with Turkey and stuffing) with our new friends Dennis and Virginia of Libertad, and Brian and Juliet of Seawings.

Last night found us all on the windy beach of the Mon Repos turtle rookery, watching a loggerhead turtle lay her eggs under a quarter moon. The resident naturalist (or was he a herpetologist?) declared that the lazy thirty-year-old (a reptile after my own heart) couldn’t be bothered to dig her nest above the high-water line and her eggs were doomed to die, so we were engaged to help transfer the little ping-pong balls to a suitable place. All in all an interesting evening, which ended at almost two in the morning.