Swiftsure 2011

The Swiftsure International Yacht Race is one of the Pacific Northwest’s more prestigious sailing events, and one of the few that involves a taste of ocean. It started in 1930 as a race from Victoria, B.C. around the lightship that was anchored on Swiftsure Bank, outside the entrance to the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Eventually the lightship was retired, but the race kept the name. There are now several different races; in order of length: the “Lighship Classic”, “Cape Flattery Race”, “Juan de Fuca Race”, and a variety of inshore races.

Idefix has been a participant at Swiftsure several times in the past, racing under her old name, M.O.F.  In 2005 she won the Unlimited Juan de Fuca Race.

For 2011, Idefix raced in the Cape Flattery Race, rounding a boat anchored in Neah Bay (103NM). We finished 7th in the race (out of 56 registered), 5th in class, and 3rd in division, narrowly beating sistership Lunch Box.

Swiftsure crew before the start.