Sailing out of the Oakland Estuary to the start line.

Well, Idefix and I are back at CYC in Tiburon, and in 14 hours we will be crossing the starting line for our second Singlehanded Transpac. This part of the ordeal has a comfortable and familiar feel, and my spirits are pretty high, especially since it looks like we’re not going to get the snot kicked out of us by a gale this year. However my mood was quite different only a couple days ago. The last three weeks have been way more stressful than I expected, mostly because I had to find and rig a new boom. Fortuitously, there was a carbon fiber Olson 30 boom for sale in the bay area. It’s incredibly lightweight, and will hopefully survive the trip to Hawaii (and beyond) without shattering into a million splinters.

The boat’s now ready to go, but I didn’t get to do any of the sightseeing I’d hoped for. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll be back sooner or later.

The lineup for the race is pretty exciting. In my division: a Hobie 33, the Express 27 Taz!! (back from 2010), Ronnie Simpson and Reuben Gabriel on Moore 24s, and Jerome Samarcelli representing with the Pogo 2! And there are plenty of great sailors and interesting boats in the other divisions too. You can follow along on the race viewer.

I’ve figured out how to post to this site from the boat, so stay tuned for on-the-water updates!